Saturday, March 31, 2007

Happy Easter!

Ok, so here's my thing.......Every year since my babies were born I have taken them down to the mall to get a picture taken with Santa and the Easter Bunny. It has been fun to get out the yearly pictures at each holiday and see how my children have grown. As Easter is quickly approaching, we decided to make the trek to the Layton Hills Mall so my girls can sit on a giant bunny's lap. I'm sad to say we did not get the anticipated picture.

First, it was quite an ordeal to get to the mall. My middle child, Madison, is very self-concious right now. She couldn't decide what to wear. She was in her room crying her eyes out because she looked "fat". My dear sweet husband stormed into her room and told her if she "wasn't ready and in the car in two minutes she was NOT going". Of course, hysterics followed. Being the mother, I had to go calm the child down. She was sure her daddy was kicking her out of the family!

After I got Madison dressed we continued to the mall. Steve and Madison had a huge argument about the radio. Steve wanted to listen to Madonna (yuck!) while Madison wanted the radio off due to her "father induced migrane". Steve, acting like the 39 year old he is, blasted the radio at full volume for a minute before he turned it off, all while yelling about his bratty 12 year old.

Finally we arrived at the mall. My five year old, Aliza, was bouncing up and down with excitement to see the Easter Bunny. She practicly ran to the display. We got in line and waited our turn. Finally, it was our big moment. Steve went to the attendent to figure out the picture end of the deal while I started giving my children direction on how to pose. Suddenly, I heard arguing. I looked back at my husband and noticed he was having a heated discussion with the attendent! You've got to be kidding me!!!!!

I ran over to help. I assumed there was a problem with having all three children in the same picture. But no, that was not the problem. My husband was arguing about the price of the photo. Now, keep in mind we have been taking these pictures twice a year for 15 years!!!!! The prices of these photos has been steadily going up and up and up. My husband was "appalled" the price had risen to $19.99. By the time I reached him he was livid. His voice was quite loud as he accused the attendent of being a "communist"!

I tried to calm him down but it was impossible. He started yelling "there is no way in hell I am paying these communist prices!" At this point I knew I had to get him out of there before mall security escorted him away. I started dragging him toward the escalator as my children looked on in confussion. Aliza, with tears streaming down her face, asked, "what about the Easter Bunny". My husband looked at his precious child and yelled, "this Easter Bunny is a communist FAKE!"

As you can imagine, Aliza started crying even harder. But the real meaning of Easter became clear as ALL the children in line started crying over the fake bunny. Now, not only the attendent wanted to kill my husband but all the parents in line wanted to kill him. Of course, being the mother, I had to drag my husband and three children up the escalator while my husband yelled "fake bunny" all the way up at the top of his lungs!

At the top of the escalator I demanded to know what the heck he was thinking. He stated he was standing on principle and I should support him. "What about the picture?", I calmly asked. I was informed we would drive down to the Salt Lake valley and search for another mall with a "non-communist" Easter Bunny. I sweetly reminded him that Crossroads Mall had been torn down. He said we would get the picture even if we had to drive to Provo. At this point I looked at him with my sweetest sarcastic smile and inquired, "won't that cost WAY more then $19.99 in gas?"

Today, Easter is a week away and I have yet to get my yearly picture. I guess the good news is my husband is sorta talking to me again! Aliza has prayed every night for Heavenly Father to direct her daddy to the "one true Easter Bunny". I hope all of you have an easier time getting your Easter Bunny pictures this year!!!